about us

EVERDESIGN is a small, highly specialized and globally connected service provider for strategy, innovation and the design of new product experiences and user interactions.

We create capital goods, electronic and consumer products, home appliances, medical goods, packaging, interiors and furniture pieces. We give a form to function, develop solutions for problems, create emotional appeal and future visions. We research potential growth in form of market conditions and transform the needs of consumers and manufacturers into meaningful and successful products, services and identities.

Before founding EVERDESIGN Stephan Hauser worked many years as product designer in the centre of Tokyo for global brands like Seiko Epson, Electrolux, Panasonic, Kyocera and LG Electronics as well as other mid-size Japanese companies.

In 2008, he joined Yamaha Corporation as Senior Designer in Hamamatsu / Japan, were he was responsible for home entertainment products and professional music production equipment of the brands Yamaha and Steinberg, before returning to Germany to establish his own design studio.

point of view

We believe that design is about defining and answering unmet needs, about the way people interact with and use the product or service, about economic and environmental sustainability, about providing utility and pleasure. Design can be applied to services and organizational structure, to financial systems and medical practice. It is not just style and appearance, although these play an important role.

Design informs about the product and about the organization behind the product, about values, beliefs and ambitions. It communicates specific strengths and creates an individual profile, essential for a solid market position. It is our ambition to create designs with values that users share and connect to, that provide that special moment of happiness as well as longterm satisfaction.