shaping technology

Today, at the beginning of the 21. century, the ability to innovate requires more than ever interdisciplinary thinking. The borders between the common categories product design, user-experience, service model and interaction vanish. An overlapping product-service experience takes its place. Long-lasting consumer goods become short-lived disposables, hardware, software, service experience, real and virtual use, work seamless hand in hand and decide by the quality of their interplay about customer satisfaction.

As experienced researchers, product developers and design thinkers, we offer our partners the most important resource for today`s tasks and challenges: creativity


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cooperation models


On base of a direct briefing or kick-off meeting we  write a detailed project plan including all necessary steps as defined project phases including the related cost, then offered to the client for review, selection respectively order.

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With some clients we have a cooperation model on base of royalties, in tandem with a base fee. Clients benefit in the way that the major part of the development cost will be payed as royalty-per-unit later, what narrows down the initial investment cost. Additionally the economic risk is carried by both parties - manufacturer and designer.

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longterm cooperation

We are also offering to work with us on base of a fixed longterm/annual budget for a continuing and easy cooperation. Clients are being able to react quickly to fluctuations in workload, order easily and benefit from lower rates according to the budget volume.

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